Policy and Program Development Using Design Thinking

PolicyLab specializes in carefully designed program evaluations and assessments that aid in the development of policies and programs. We can help design and implement randomized experiments, as well as support ongoing evaluation and assessment. PolicyLab can also aid in the development of programs and policies, including contributing to early design phases. We focus on consumer-oriented, research-based projects and ground our work in the social sciences. We use the methods of design thinking to creatively develop policy and programmatic solutions. Our approach includes:

Define Underlying Issuesmodel
  • Focus on key issues, not just the obvious presenting problem
  • Utilize the voice of the consumer or user
Develop Evidence-based Options
  • Develop hypotheses
  • Collect high quality data
  • Understand context to generate insights
  • Use sets of ideas to spur conversation
  • Iterate prototypes
Implement & Evaluate
  • Test in small scale pilots
  • Develop illustrations of concepts
  • Assure fidelity
  • Beware of pitfalls
  • Assess ongoing progress
  • Improve
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