Welcome to PolicyLab Consulting Group, LLC.

Welcome to PolicyLab Consulting Group, LLC.

PolicyLab Consulting Group, LLC, is a specialty research firm that provides strategic consulting grounded in economic and policy analysis of current issues. Our work centers on household finance, mortgage markets, financial coaching, and the development and testing of innovative financial products. These areas are all critical for American households, directly related to how well families can accumulate and sustain financial wealth over their lifetimes.

We work collaboratively with clients to diagnose problems facing a business, nonprofit organization or body of government, and then conduct applied research with the goal of providing decision makers with accessible information backed up by rigorous analysis.

PolicyLab was founded in 2004 by J. Michael Collins and is based in Madison, Wisconsin. PolicyLab works with government agencies, nonprofits, foundations, law firms, and academic institutions across the US. Recognizing the importance of working across sectors and institutions, PolicyLab welcomes collaborative arrangements.

PolicyLab has a selective client list, taking on projects only after extensive dialogue. Often projects are developed as partnerships with independent consultants or firms in order to bring the highest level of expertise to projects.