PolicyLab has expertise in the following areas:

Data Analysis. We use advanced statistical methods to distill insights from existing datasets and new data systems that we help design. We specialize in working with administrative and propriety datasets of all sizes. PolicyLab researchers have published empirical papers in leading peer-reviewed journals.

Evaluation Design & Implementation. We work with clients to develop high quality program evaluations and assessments, with an eye towards feasibility in applied settings. We have led a variety of evaluations including randomized controlled trials.

Survey Design. We have developed original surveys for a range of program evaluations and research projects. We use best practices and validated survey instruments to ensure high quality data collection.

Interviewing. PolicyLab often employs mixed-methods designs that combine quantitative analysis with interviews and focus groups. Including qualitative components allows us to go into greater depth on causes and context, which quantitative data alone may not uncover.

Literature Reviews. By conducting in-depth reviews of existing research, we ensure that our work builds on best practices and expert knowledge. Literature reviews inform a range of our activities including survey design, data analysis, and evidence-based program development.

Report Writing. We focus on providing decision makers with accessible information backed up by authoritative analysis. We place a special emphasis on translating our research into user-friendly materials.

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